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martedì 25 settembre 2018


Lateran Obelisk

Roman walk - Ancient but still alive

The walk of today covers the East side of the historical center leaving from San Lorenzo Guest House. 

The itinerary includes 4 of the Seven Pilgrim Churches, all of them being originally erected in the IV century AD.
Here are the stops of the tour.

  1. Porta Maggiore, the entry point of most of the aqueducts delivering water to anci
    Santa Maria Maggiore - View of the backside
    ent Rome
  2. Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, erected in the IV century AD, where the relics of the Holy Cross are preserved. It was built around a room of Palazzo Sessoriano, the palace that was the house of St. helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine I
  3. Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, mother of all the chirches of the world, Holy See and cathedral of Rome
  4. Scala Sancta - Holy Stairs, the stairs originally located in the palace of the Roman governor in Jerusalem and which were ascended by Jesus Christ to go to trial before Pontius Pilate
  5. Lateran Obelisk, the tallest and most ancient Egyptian obelisks in Rome
  6. Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the only of the four Major Papal Basilicas still maintaining its original palochristian structure. It is located on the site where, according to a legend, snow fell during the summer, on August 5, 352 AD. Every year the miracle is remembered with a cascade of white petals from the ceiling during the morning and evening mass
  7. Baths of Diocletian, the biggest imperial baths of the ancient Rome, inaugurated in the year 305 AD. They are now one of the locations of the National roman Museum
  8. Castra Praetoria, the barracks of the Praetorian Guard. The area is still used for the same purpose, so being the most ancient barracks in the world
  9. Houses in the Walls
  10. Castra Praetoria today
  11. Basilica of San Lorenzo fuori le Mura, Papal Basilica, also originally erected during the IV century AD.

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