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sabato 5 agosto 2017


Talking with our guests, I have realized that several people believe we are not central in Rome.
Well, that is not true, even if the 3 Bed and Rome and Breakfast properties are located out of the official border of the historical center of Rome. Well, let's see some facts, those facts that all well known to a Roman


The historical center of Rome is constituted by the 22 Rioni, toponomastic subdivision, plus the Vatican. Nineteen of them are on the east side of the Tiber river and are surrounded by the Aurelian Walls. All the three properties are no more than 300 meters aways from the Aurelian Walls.


The historical center of Rome has the size, approximately, of a square of  4 by 4 kilometers. Even being exactly in the center of that area, one will be 2 km away from its border 


The first organized visitors' tour of the city, the Seven Pilgrim Chirches, is at the borders or outside of the center.


I personally believe that the visit to a city must consist of two parts
  1. Knowing its landmarks
  2. Understanding its soul, its people, the food.
Well, the landmarks are normally located in the center, although not all of them, but to understand the city it is necessary to get out from the places with a flowing crowd of tourists. No restaurant that is located where thousands of tourists go around will offer real good food. And what I always did was to select a hotel in the real city, not in the historical center. 


So, where is the real city of Rome? In the ancient Rome, the city life was centered at the Forun and on the Capito, the saced hill. Nowadays, the Capitol is the center of the political life of the city.
After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, although maintaining a central role in the European political life, Roma became a small city of 20-30 thousands inhabitants. It was only after it became the capital city of the Kingdom of Italy that it started to grow again, initially filling the empty spaces inside the historical center and then immediately outside its border. The maps below show the new centers. Follow the blog in the future, there are reasons whyy that areas and not others.  The most important one is the one that has grown around the Termini railway station and St. John Lateran. Our properties are exactly inside it.


Everything in the center costs at least twice. 


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