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domenica 5 novembre 2017


St, John Villa Trip Advisor review

When I started to operate in the Bed and Breakfast business, I was fully convinced that, to have success, my focus had to be on the people rather than on the property itself.
In other words, it is important to offer comfortable rooms that are equipped with everything that is important for a good stay, but it is not necessary that they look like a luxury suite.
People staying at a bed & breakfast or at a guest house are surely happy if they find an informal place but they are especially happy if the host is taking care of them more than the staff of a hotel would do.
I am normally based at the St. John Villa but, whenever you have some special request, even if you are staying at Villa Borghese Guest House or at San Lorenzo Guest House, please fell free to contact me. Please call also and especially in the case you have some problem.
(phone +39 340 1586022)roma

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