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venerdì 12 gennaio 2018


Well, I agree that people do not want to take a vacation on  the beach during the winter season. Actually speaking Rome is a city having a long coast line, the longest among European cities, but it is not the place where people go for a tan.

Indeed there are so many places that deserving a visit and, in most of the cases, weather is not an issue. By the way, temperature in Rome on February is the same of the temperature on April in Berlin or Brussels. The average minimum temperature is approximately 5 °C and the average maximum temperature 12.5 °C.
Nevertheless most of the people are visiting Rome only during the spring or autumn months.
Well, let me say that is a lost opportunity. Winetr time is when a city is not flooded with a crowd of tourists, it is the time when you might see the real life of the inhabitants. In my experience I have been in several cities all around the year. And I enjoyed them mostly when I was there during the low season. Walking under a hot sun can actually be a hard task.

On the other side, if you expect to see a suggestive landscape of the Coliseum with snow, likely you will have to wait till year 2030. For the moment enjoy the picture of the last snowfall in 2012.

Low cost airline allow to fly easily and without spending a fortune
So, what's the reason to spend much more for the room coming on May rather than on February.
Here are the prices of our properties for a 3 nights stay on February and on May

                                                           February          May
San Lorenzo Guest House                    110 €            212 €
St. John Villa                                        136 €            226 €
Villa Borghese Guest House                177 €            267 €

Note. Prices are those currently available on our official web-stites; they might change in any moment

In addition, during the winter time we often have additional special offers for our guests.
So, how long are you still waiting to make your reservation?

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