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venerdì 6 aprile 2018


The cloister inside the faculty of Engineering and the water well, symbol of the
The posts of this series are dedicated to the way I see my city, Rome, and to the way I live it, All the photos of this series have been taken by me or by people that were with me. Sometime the quality is not so good, I hope readers will excuse me for that.

Colle Oppio, San Pietro in Vincoli, Engineering

That's me in front of the faculty
The first group of photos is dedicated to my favourite site in Rome, Colle Oppio, where it is located my, and of my daughter, Alma Mater, specifically the faculty of Engineering of La Sapienza University of Rome where I got my graduation in chemical engineering on July 17, 1981, a long time ago indeed.

Colle Oppio is one of the three peaks of the Esquilino hill, just over the Colosseum.

Night view of the front side

Side view

Some of the buildings where it is hosted were belonging to the former convent of San Lorenzo in Panisperna. The beautiflu cloister has been designed by Giuliano di Sangallo. The water well that is located in the middle of the cloister is the symbol of the faculty. Some are attributing the decoration part over the well to Michelangelo Buonarroti.
San Pietro in Vincoli night view
 In any case a masterpiece of Michelangelo Buonarroti can be seen inside to the Basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli, that is located just on the side of the faculty, the statue of Moses.

Moses by Michelangelo Buonarroti

 In the area of Colle Oppio there are three important archeological sites: the Baths of Titus, the Baths of Trajan but especially the Domus Aurea of Nero.

Reaching Colle Oppio is very easy with the B line of the metro.
Get down either at the stop Colosseo or at the stop Cavour.

When getting down at Cavour stop, one will reach Piazza di San Pietro in Vincoli through the pictoresque stairs of Salita dei Borgia, passing under the Borgia Place. It's a place of popular legends but our attention will be attacted by an incredible ivy wall.
Salita dei Borgia


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