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lunedì 21 maggio 2018


Villa dei Quintili - Appian Way

Few days ago I was driving through the center and I wass impressed by the flow of tourists everywhere.
Rome historical center is full of point fo interest, something like 20000, and because of that it deserves special attention by tourists. Indeed it is the place in the world where there is the highest concentration of monuments, art and so on.
Nevertheless my feeling was different. Evrything seemed to me like people were living like in The Truman Show, a giant size one.

Despite the fact that a modern tendency of traveling is to live like a local, what all those people were doing was exactly the opposite. They were all concentrated around the famous places where I passed, like Santa Maria Maggiore and Piazza della Repubblica. I can't imagine the amount of people at the Colosseum or at the Vatican.
Rome is not only St. Peter and the Colosseum!
Talking with my guests I realized that very few people are aware about the fact that in Rome there is a pyramid, the Pyramid of Cestius, built about 18-12 BC. It is located just at the border of the historical center, 50 % in and 50 % out. Close to it, still inside the historical center, there are two of the most characteristic Roman neighborhood, Testaccio and San Saba.

But, even out of the center. there are so many attractions that could make the fortune or the tourism business in 95 % of the world cities.

Are you interested in archaeology? Walk along the Appian Way and visit Villa dei Quintili, go to the Parco degli Acquedotti (park of the aqueducts). Go to Ostia Antica or visit the catacombs.

Parco degli Acquedotti
Villa Borghese

Then take a break in the green environment  of the villas of Rome, Villa Borghese, Villa Ada, Villa Doria Phamphili. 

EUR -Palazzo della Civiltà e del Lavoro
One can also discover modern neighborhoods of Rome, like EUR and Coppedè.

Museums are not missing too, starting from the Borghese Gallery to the National Gallery of Modern Art, MACRO and MAXXI and several others.

EUR - Marconi Obelisk
Coppedè Distric
If you really want to be local, get out from the center. Don't be like a fish into an aquarium, discover what is out of it.

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