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venerdì 25 novembre 2016

Chickens and linguisting misunderstandings

Conosco i miei polli = literally, I know my chickens
Ironic, to know very well a person and therefore the way that person will act in a given situation
I Know them like the back of my hands.

One of the most commen problems we may have when travelling is to be victim of linguisting misunderstandings.
One may think that common saying may be understood by everyone whan translated, but that is not true.
Many years ago, at the beginning of my career, I had an epic fail being victim of a linguistic misunderstanding.
During a meeting with other my colleagues from different countris, while talking about some other people and the opportunity to involve them int a project we were developping, I firmly stated "I know my chickens", being convinced they were not the appropriate ones.
Suddenly silence came into the room till the moment one of the other people said: "What the hell are you saying? We are a chemical company, not a chicken farm!"
Luckily my italian boss, that in the meantime was only laughing, came into my help explaining what
I intended to say. Ilarity, then, became general.
But my moment of shame was not yet finished. Few days later, I got into the office in Rome and, on the board, I saw a communication of my boss summarizing the meeting and starting with my unforgettable words.

If you have a similar story, just write it in the comments

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