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sabato 28 gennaio 2017


Palazzo Barberini

Fontana del Tritone - Piazza Barberini
Piazza Barberini is named after the palace of the aristocratic family Barberini that is overlooking the square. Actually the entrance is on Via delle Quattro Fontane. The National Gallery of Anciet Art is located in the palace. At teh center of the square you can see the Fontana del Tritone (Fountain of the Triton), one of the famous Rome's fountains.
Leaving Piazza Barberini, I started to go uphill aloong Via Veneto, the street of La Dolce Vita.
Nowadays the glamour of the street is not the same as it was in the early Sixties of the XX century.
Via Venetto - Lower part
USA Embassy

Still, it mantains its fascination. Halfway betwwen Piazza Barberini and Porta Pinciana you will find the USA embassy.
Continuing to go uphill I reached Porta Pinciana, one of the several gates along the Aurelian Walls.

Via Veneto - Upper part
Porta Pinciana
Porta Pinciana is one of the few gates that has essentially mantained its original appereance although two new arches have been opened in the modern era to take into account the traffic,

Once crossed the gate I entered into Villa Borghese to reach the Borghese Gallery, to meet Janet.
We tried to buy a ticket, without any success: sold out.
Lesson learned: if you wish to visit the Borghese Gallery  during your stay in rome, book in advance.

Galleria Borghese
It was a pity not to visit it, but we had the opportunity to spend the afternoon of a marvellous sunny day walking inside Villa Borghese, the most famous of the villas of Rome. And that was the place where we realized that we could have something in common. We discovered later that is something occurring rather often among the Roman people.


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