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lunedì 2 gennaio 2017



My decision was taken, spending a week in Rome and staying in the San Lorenzo neighborhood. While looking to the different available options I landed on one page of this blog where I am now writing. and, after visiting also the website, I decided to stay at San Lorenzo Guest House.

Its accomodations are not expensive but they provide all the comforts one might look for in a room: private bathroom, air conditioning, safebox, fridge, water kettle, satellite TV.

They have also a small living room where one can seat to read or to drink a complimentary tea or coffee. Although they are not a hotel, they have a reception working during daytime and they are always available on the phone to solve problems and to recommend where to go, what to see, where to eat. While there I discovered that, although San Lorenzo is a district full of nightlife, the location is in a quiet street. And that is really a plus.

I have to say that the district is not so bad as it might look at a first sight. In reality it's a kingdom of anarchy. For example, I noticed that many activities open following schedules that are known only to the owner, and that these schedules may change daily based on decisions that follow mysterious mental paths belonging only to the owner. But, being a small area where each one knows all the other people, it's very unlikely that something bad ight occur. Well, avoid to go to Piazza dell'Immacolata in the evening when it's packed with people drinking beer and keeping a lot of money in your pocket; but that is, I believe, a recommendation that has to be followed everywhere in the world.
Church of Santa Maria Immacolata
I got to Rome rather early so when I arrived to San Lorenzo Guest House my room was not yet ready.
I left my luggage and took the opportunity to walk for a while in the district.
I was there when, at the university, it was a vacation period. Therefore the morning was very quiet, few cars and few people in the streets.  That was amazing when you consider that you are just steps away from the Aurelian Walls, the border of the historic centre of Rome. By the way, in San Lorenzo the Aurelian Walls are actually a "touchable" part of the urban structure.
Market on the side of Santa Maria Immacolata
Walking along the Aurelian Walls
Cafe to celebrate university graduation
Aviolibri bookshop
 Most of bookshops and cafe remind to you in any moment that San Lorenzo is the district of the univeristy. But I also found a very curious bookshop, Aviolibri, that is dedicated to books and other stuff about aircrafts and aviation. They have also section dedicated to ships and army. Their catalogue is not limited to publications in italian language but they have also a good selection in english language. I took the opportunity to buy some historic book for my grandfather. And then it was time to get back and start to plan my next days.

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