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venerdì 28 ottobre 2016

Piazza Del Popolo - English

Piazza Del Popolo

Early in your stay, be sure to take an introductory tour of this 
grandest of Rome’s grand piazzas.

The Piazza Del Popolo is the historic gateway to Rome from the north, and the starting point of the Tridente formed by the ancient Corso (1), Via di Ripetta (2), laid out by order of Leo X in 1518 as more direct route to the Vatican, and Via del Babuino (3), which was built in 1525, and ends in Piazza di Spagna.

From the Porta del Popolo (4), which replaced the original Aurelian gate in 1561, follow the curve of the piazza to the right.
Looking back, you can see Bernini’s handiwork on the inner face of the gate, redone in 1655to impress Christina, Queen of Sweden, who had recently forsworn Luther in a favor of Rome and was making her first visit to the Holy City.
In the center of the piazza stands Rome’s second-oldest obelisk (5), which dates to 13th- century BC. It comes from Heliopolis and stood in the Circus Maximus for 1,500 years before Pope Sixtus V had it moved here in 1589.
As you circle the piazza, you will come to the churches of Santa Maria dei Miracoli (6) and Santa Maria di Montesanto (7) – cleverly executed near- twins that add an illusory symmetry to the busy square and form a dramatic second portal to the city beyond. Most worth a visit, however, is Santa Maria del Popolo (8).  
The third church of the square, built on the supposed site of Nero’s tomb, has beautiful Pinturicchio frescoes, Caravaggio’s conversion of St. Paul and Crucifixion of St. Peter, and other Renaissance works.

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