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domenica 11 giugno 2017



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Tramway Lines in Rome

While writing Part 10 of this diary, I mentioned that combining the use of tramway lines 3 and 19 allows the visitor to see several important sites as well as  hop oon - hop off bus.
Indeed that is true in general when considering the entire tramway network of Rome.

Indeed, the network is not very big, but it connects most of the sites a visitor wishes to see, including some not very well known and not full of people like the Coppedè district.
Even according to the Roman people, public transportation is not a distinctive fact of the city. There are only two full operational metro lines and a third one only partially completed. Surface buses are not very comfortables, bey noisy and running over streets whose surface cannot be defined smooth.
From that point of view tramway lines are much more comfortable. Normally they are also quicker because their course is generally protected, unless one of the many Roman crazy drivers parks the car on the rails.
Actually every big city should be visited essentally walking to catch its atmosphere, even more than visiting monuments.
Among the cities I know, that is particularly true for Rome and New York City. Even in New York City I did a very little use of the metro, rather preferring a taxi. 
San Lorenzo Guest House is very conveniently located along the 3 and 19 lines and at a short walk from the cross of Porta Maggiore.
Photogallery of
If you want to spend a special evening, a great idea might be to reserve a table at Tramjazz, an historical cable car that has been transformed to a traveling restaurant and concert hall.
Tramjazz leaves at 9 p.m. from Porta Maggiore on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Reservation is required.


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