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domenica 9 aprile 2017


Olives and olive oil

Going for shopping is an important part of the traveling experience. It brings into contact with the local habits and provides the opportunity to take back something to remember the trip.
Anyhow, in this post we wish to focus onto few shops in Rome that are somehow special, unusual and that are located very close to our guest houses and b&b.

Villa Borghese Guest House

Close to Villa Borghese Guest House you will find Sapord'Olio, the first shop in all Italy selling only high quality olive oil. It is located in Via Po, 84. To get there, exit from the street door to the right, get to the traffic light at the crossing with Via Po, turn right and walk for a couple of hundreds meters. You will find the shop on your right


San Lorenzo Guest House

We have already mentioned in other posts these two shops that are steps away from San Lorenzo Guest House

  • SAID
  • Aviolibri
SAID is a chocolate factory of ancient traditions but also tea room, or more correctly chocolate room, and restaurant. It is located in Via Tiburtina, 135. To get there exit from San Lorenzo Guest House to the street on the left, then turn right to Via dei Marsi and the immediately left to Via dei Sardi. Walk till the traffic light at the crossing with Via Tiburtina and then turn right. SAID is located in a courtyard that is just on the side of 100 Montaditos on the opposit side of Via Tiburtina.

Aviolibri is a specialized bookstore for books about aviation, also in English. Apart of books you will find also assembly kits, flight simulation software, DVD, items for collection and so on. The store is also developping sections dedicated to the navy and to the army. It is located in Via dei Marsi, 53-55.
Exit from San Lorenzo Guest House to the street on the left the turn left to Via dei Marsi and walk few steps. The shop is on your right.


St. John Villa

Hocus Pocus Record Store is located just meters away from the St. John Villa b&b, in Via Marruvio 18. Exit to the street on your right, and then turn right to Via Marruvio. The shop is located almost at the corner on the left side of the street. The shop is specialized in vinyl records including vintage editions.

Italy is the land of wine but a good beer is alway well accepted. Johnny's Off License Bottleshop has a huge selection of beers. The owner is anglosaxon, indeed I did not investigate about his nationality, so you will not have any problem when asking for his recommendations. Just buy some bottle, come back to the St. John Villa b&b, put in the fridge and, when is cooled properly, sit in our garden to relax. The shop is located in via Veio, 4, almost at the corner with Via Appia Nuova. To get there exit to the street on the right, turn right to Via Marruvio and then left to Via Veio. When you reach the crossing with Via Magna Grecia, cross the street and proceed to the other portion of Via Veio (the steet going diagonally).


Have a nice shopping.

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