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sabato 11 marzo 2017


Travelling is not only visiting museums and monuments, but it is also tasting food, meeting people and having fun.

Three of the most famous discos of Rome are just steps away from Villa Borghese Guest House.


Piper Club, simply said, is the most famous disco in Italy. Opened in the 60's of the XX century, The Beatles, The Who, The Genesis, Nirvana and a lot of the most famous Italian artists have performed here.
- Piper Club, Via Tagliamento 9
Art Cafe and its twin Babel are currently considered to be the best  place in Rome. Many VIPs spend their nights here.
- Art Cafe & Babel, Via del Galoppatoio 33 (Villa Borghese underground parking)
Alien club Roma is one of the most popular among foreign people and it is one of the most beautiful places, popular among high-level people.
- Alien club Roma, Via Velletri 13

Close to San Lorenzo Guest House you will find mainly live music clubs. Anyhow there are two places that are worth a mention. Like al the San Lorenzo district, they are characterized by an anarchic and young style.


Ex Dogana, located in the former customs area of the railway goods yard, is not only a disco but a huge space for events and performances
- Ex Dogana, Via dell Scalo di San Lorenzo 10
7cl San Lorenzo (also known as Ex Balic) is one of the places that have made the history of the night life in San Lorenzo neighborhood
- 7cl San Lorenzo, Via degli Aurunci 35

When staying at the St. John Villa, there are two places that you can easily reach.


Dancing Zanussi is probably the best place in Rome for the Latin-American dance, especially for salsa, and for group dancing.
- Dancing Zanussi, Piazza Tarquinia 5
Ore 20, located on the attic floor of the COIN department stores building, offers a stunning view of Rome. It is a very versatile place, operating as a cafe during the day for a break during the shopping, it becomes an elegant disco-restaurant in the evening.
- Ore 20, Via Magna Grecia 2

Videos of the performance of The Genesis and of Nirvana at the Piper Club

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