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giovedì 30 marzo 2017


Ronanti sites in Rome
Spring has come, it's time for traveling. What's nicer of a romantic holiday?
When thinking about romantic cities, the mind often goes to Paris, Venice, Prague.
Well, that's because, simply, Rome is out of category as for many other things. There are so many romantic sites that it is even difficult to remind all of them.

I tried to show on the map some of them on the basis of my personal evaluation.
Trevi Fountain
Spanish Steps and Trinità de' Monti
Probably the most famous place is Trevi Fountain, and with Spanish Steps - Trinità de' Monti following immediately after.
When we come to panoramic places, Rome is for sure not missing them. Rome is the city of the seven hills, plus others that are out of the historical center.
Giardino degli Aranci di sera
Giardino degli Aranci
The most notable views are from from the Pincio, from the Giardino degli Aranci, from the Terrace of the Gianicolo and from the Zodiaco at Monte Mario.

A walk in the villas of Rome, Villa Borghese, Villa Ada, Villa Doria Pamphili are the main, is the best way to feel the arrival of the spring.

Villa Borghese tempio di Esculapio
Villa Borghese - Tempio di Esculapio
Roman Forum at night
Forun at night
Castel Sant'Angelo and Tiber
Tiber and Castel Sant'Angelo
Piazza dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo
Snd what about a night walk to the Forum or along the Tiber river looking to Castel Samt'Angelo?  Or the sunset light on the imperial palaces of the Palatine looking from the opposite side of the Circus Maximus?
Piazza dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo and the Coppedè district have a magical atmosphere, by day and by night.
And we have to remember the Milvian Bridge (Ponte Milvio) from where it started the use of placing a padlock on the rail.
So many are the places that is difficult to mention all of them. The map shows those that I have in my mind.


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