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domenica 19 gennaio 2020


The English proverb "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", shows the influence if Rome on the popular cultural of different countries.

No diet when in Rome

Romes love dining with friends having good food. And the roman cuisine is everything but light.
If you want to enjoy properly your visit in Rome, you have to forget your diet, at leat for few days.

There are few Roman proverbs about food and its effect. Those are a couple of them.

Omo de panza, omo de sostanza - Belly man, important man

A robust man is a healty and wealthy man. 

Quello che nun strozza, 'ngrassa - What will not soffocate you, will fatten you

If something does not kill you, it will improve your health and wealth.

Obviously, it always happens in Rome, there is also the sarcastic vision of the two proverbs.
The first proverb might be used also for someone that is getting fatter meaning something like "By fattening, do you want to show you are becoming more important?"
The second proverb might be used for those that eat or accept everything, even disgusting providing it is not damaging them.


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