Bed and Rome and Breakfast - 3 B&B in Rome: BUS & METRO (EN)


Before talking about the public transportation it must be said that Rome is a city that, more than any other, should be visited on foot. In the historical center, but not only, there are things to see at every corner. And mostly, of the city can be understood only breathing its spirit.
Public transportation in Rome is not known to be very efficient, We Romans criticize often, and rightly, the administration of the city but at the same time we realize that managing a good network of public transportation in Rome is very difficult. The city is famously built on seven hills, and there also are a few more in the newly urbanized areas, the downtown streets are narrow and often paved with cobblestones that are not the best for the suspensions of the buses. As for the underground, it is a vast expanse of archaeological finds so that the construction of an underground line has huge costs and long times.
Alongside conventional buses and three subway lines, one of which is only partially completed, there is still a decent urban railway system, generally little known and publicized.

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