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mercoledì 11 aprile 2018


The posts of this series are dedicated to the way I see my city, Rome, and to the way I live it, All the photos of this series have been taken by me or by people that were with me. Sometime the quality is not so good, I hope readers will excuse me for that.


Rome, like every big city in the world, is chaotic. Let's say that people living in Rome have learned how to survive in the chaos 2000 years ago when, being the first city to do that in human history, it surpassed one million inhabitants.
Nevertheless it is possible to find quiet places here and there in the city, even in central zones. The Caelian Hill is one of those, probably the most suggestive one for its appeareance out of time and out of space. The area we are talking about is the west side of the hill. So let's start our visit there. We may arrive there from the Colosseum along Via Claudia or from Porta Metronia along Via della Navicella. More or less in front of the military hospital there is the Arco di Dolabella (Arch of Dolabella). It is, along with the Arch of Gallienus, one only remaining gate of the ancient Servian Wall that was surrounding Rome since the early republican period. After crossing the arch and walking along Via di San Paolo della Croce we reach Piazza di Santissimi Giovanni e Paolo. In this square we find the basilica that is dedicated to the Saints John and Paul and the convent of the Passionist Fathers.

Go there in the evening to enjoy an incredibl suggestive atmosphere.
Then start walking along the Clivus Scauri, a street that has kept its name since its construction in the II century BC and it has maintained its appeareance since V-VI century AD..
Clivus Scuri (that's me)

On the side of the church there is the entrance to the Roman Houses. The original floors and the frescoes on the walls will bring you back many century ago. Inside the houses there is also a small museum.
Inside the Roman Houses
The Basilica of Sants John and Paul is widely used for weddings as well as other curches that you will find going down the hill, Sant'Andrea and San Gregorio.

St. John and Paul ready for the wedding

Vintage cars for the spouses

Just married in fron of San Gregorio (that's my daughter)
At the end of the hill


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